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10 Great Guest Room Remodeling Ideas

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Southern California Guest Bedroom Ideas - 10 Great Guest Bedroom Ideas for Your Home

What a wonderful feeling it is to own your own home. Owning your own place means you may now host this year’s holiday feast in your new space and share that experience with your family and friends. You’ll undoubtedly attract out-of-town visitors who will be delighted to stay in your newly renovated guest room (s). While we’re confident you’ve kept your home in tip-top shape, there may be some ideas you’re looking for on how to spruce up your guest room. Perhaps you don’t have a guest room at all and are looking for ideas on what you should add that guests will find essential and ultimately add value to your home. Furthermore if you’re thinking about building a guest house seperately altogether detached from your home, you’ll be looking for advice as well.

We’ve put together a list of ten guest room must-haves to help you make the most of your visitors’ stay.

10 Guest Room Remodeling Ideas

#1 – Make Sure To Provide Enough Guest Towels & Clean Linens

Although having clean bedding is a given (we hope), giving extra blankets and towels (wash, hand, and bath) will guarantee that your guests’ comfort needs are satisfied. It’s not a problem if you don’t have enough space for these products. A basket can be used to store extra blankets or towels as well as add to the aesthetic of a room.

#2 – Make Certain Your Guest Room Provides Privacy

If you’re planning on building a guest room you’ll want to make sure that you provide enough privacy for your guests. Ideally your guest room should be far enough away from your master bedroom and your general living area to provide a private area for guests to relax and enjoy some measure of privacy. They will need a place to store their suitcases so closet space is important. A comfortable bed and tastefully decorated room sets a level of comfort and ease with guests and gives them a great impression of your home.

#3 – Offer Guest Toiletries

While you can’t expect to have everyone’s favorite moisturizer or aftershave on hand, providing your guests with basic necessities like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and toothpaste can help them avoid making an extra trip to the drugstore. When choosing things, a good rule of thumb is to choose something you’d be delighted to use in someone else’s home.

#4 – Provide Enough Outlets For Charging Devices

Even if you prefer a phone-free night’s sleep, we live in a world where 70% of people sleep near or with their phones, so a nightstand with an outlet or extension cord is another guest room requirement.

If you want guests to feel welcome, follow this helpful guide. These guest bedroom remodeling ideas will help you create the perfect space for guests.

#5 – Don’t Lose Track of Time

Don’t blame us just yet if after seeing number 4 you couldn’t help but shake your head at us for some of us wanting phones near the bed. We also recommend keeping a clock with an alarm on the nightstand so that guests who prefer not to sleep with their phones can keep track of the time and set an alarm if they like.

#6 – Make Sure The Room is Comfortable Heated & Cooled

Warm weather is notorious is notorious in Southern California, and we all know that for some guests the heat can be downright intolerable. Make certain that your guest room is adequately planned and connected to your central HVAC system or that you find some alternative means of cooling and heating the room.

#7 – Appropriate Sized Waste Baskets Are Important

Whether your guest has to get rid of a tag from a recently acquired outfit or one of the tissues you so thoughtfully gave, they shouldn’t have to go for a wastebasket. Placing one in each of your guests’ rooms will assist them, as well as you, in keeping your place clean and orderly. A nice his and her vanity with a hide away waste basket is a great feature to add for guests.

#8 – Provide a Full Length Mirror

When visitors arrive in town, it is usually for a significant occasion. They’ve planned an outfit from head to toe, and capturing the entire look in a vanity mirror is difficult. It’s simple to hang a full-length mirror in your guest room. You can hang a mirror behind an entry or closet door or place a standing mirror along a wall, just like the over-the-door hook, to create an attractive and utilitarian piece of decor.

#9 – Everyone Loves a Nightlight

Because your guests will be in a strange environment, having a nightlight can help them avoid wandering about late at night. Adding recessed lighting and ambient lighting are a great idea. A few night lights to show the way in strange surroundings will be very appreciated if the guest bathroom is not placed off the room.

#10 – Don’t Overlook The Important of Storage

If you have a large family, lots of friends or plan to do entertaining in your home and really have intentions of putting your guest room to use, don’t overlook the importance of providing ample storage. Planning a guest room with ample closet space and storage perhaps under the bed or in additional spaces around the room provides your guests with the means to store the personal items they brought with them and not have to live out of their suitcase.

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