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SoCal Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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Do you want a more functional and appealing kitchen but don’t know where to begin? These Southern California kitchen remodeling trends may help you decide where to begin! These trends can accommodate any budget, from repainting cabinets to investing in new countertop materials.

It’s critical to remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the look of your dreams. With that in mind, keep reading to learn about the top seven Roseville kitchen remodeling trends!

1. Colors of Cabinets
Repainting your cabinets is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to completely transform the look of your kitchen when it comes to kitchen remodeling trends. All-white kitchen cabinets are becoming less popular; instead, dark jewel tones such as black, navy, green, and plum are becoming more popular.

These dark colors help to break up flat-looking kitchens by adding dimension and drama. They create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere that all-white or gray kitchens cannot match. With the right hardware and counter materials and colors, dark cabinet colors can benefit both large and small kitchens.

2. So Long, Farewell to Granite
Because of its popularity among builders, granite remained popular throughout the housing boom of the 2000s. Granite countertops quickly became a desired material as homeowners noticed more and more new homes with them. However, the purchase of granite has been steadily declining, with far more interest in quartz.

This could be because quartz has a far more minimalistic aesthetic that people prefer, whereas granite can appear noisy and chaotic due to its natural variations. The soft and neutral colors of quartz also look better when contrasted with dark cabinet colors.

3. Kitchen Islands with a Single Level
Large, open kitchens with an island are popular in kitchen remodeling, but single-level islands are becoming more popular.

These kitchen islands are multifunctional because they frequently merge with the living room and the traditional “entertaining space.” This means that, with plenty of cabinetry below and stools on one side, the kitchen island becomes a gathering place for family and friends.

In comparison, kitchen islands with two levels do not provide a smooth transition. They also don’t have the same impact as a striking kitchen centerpiece.

4. Extensive Backsplashes
Kitchens are becoming more simplistic in design aesthetic, with pops of eye-catching design elements, and the trend is expected to continue with a move toward full-height backsplashes.

Unlike the standard four-inch backsplash you may have grown accustomed to, these full backsplashes can extend all the way to the ceiling. They frequently have dramatic patterns or are made of solid granite or quartz, similar to the countertops.

These eye-catching backsplashes add a stunning focal point to the kitchen. Even better, they serve as a barrier between the walls and cooking spills and water droplets.

5. Aesthetics of Minimalism
Farmhouse kitchens with rustic decor elements do not work well in a simplistic or minimalistic setting. Home remodelers in Roseville CA are abandoning these kitchens in favor of a more timeless minimalistic aesthetic. This implies a focus on simple lines and shapes that aren’t cluttered with too many decorative elements. Here are some of the elements we’ve noticed in these minimalistic kitchens:

  • Faucets that conceal all mechanical elements
  • Simple hardware and cabinet pulls
  • Granite vs. quartz countertops
  • Items that make a statement
  • Appliances that are modern and stylish

This design aesthetic’s goal is to make kitchens appear more peaceful and tranquil. This makes sense given that many of us spend the majority of our time in the kitchen with our families.


6. Intelligent Kitchens
Smart technology is becoming more popular, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular kitchen remodeling ideas. From Google Nest to Amazon Echo, smart technology is becoming more affordable to people of all income levels. More people are incorporating this technology into their kitchens to make their lives easier and the kitchen function better.

Smart technology can be as simple as faucets that turn on automatically when your hands are close by. There are lighting systems that detect when you enter a room and can be controlled via your phone. Homeowners can even buy refrigerators that detect when you’re running low on groceries.

7. Appealing Storage Options
People are putting more effort into creating functional kitchens that are also beautiful, thanks to the advancement of smart technology. This is why another burgeoning Roseville kitchen remodeling trend is finding functional storage solutions. There are numerous kitchen storage options and tools available, including:

  • Dividers, baskets, and corner shelves
  • Food storage containers that match
  • Under-cabinet organizers, among other things

People are constantly looking for new ways to store common items like spices and canned food in order to make their cabinets more functional and appealing. They’re using jars with handwritten labels.

8. Metals that have been mixed together
Last but not least, people are no longer afraid to experiment with different metals in their kitchens. A combination of gold and aged brass, for example, can add dimension to kitchens and a new level of sophistication to the space.

Homeowners can select different metals depending on the area of their kitchen. A stainless steel oven hood, for example, and gold light fixtures. However, keep in mind that you should only use two or three metals and try to keep the look consistent.

Instant Insight: Southern California Kitchen Remodeling Trends
You can see how these SoCal kitchen remodeling trends all have one thing in common. Homeowners are favoring minimalistic, functional kitchens with a little more drama than the typical farmhouse or all-white kitchen.

These kitchens are meant to be the hub of the home, so they are painted in deep jewel colors, have dramatic centerpieces with single-level islands, and catch the eye with full backsplashes.

Better yet, the trend toward smart kitchens and organized pantries makes the kitchen easier to use and maintain throughout the day.

Are you ready to start your own kitchen renovation? Contact us today for a no-obligation in-home consultation!

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