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Southern California Outdoor Living Trends 2021

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Outdoor Living Design Trends in Socal - 2021 Trends to Watch For

Many homeowners want to know the Southern California Outdoor Living Trends for 2021. Socal is notoriously a hip and design focused region of the country that consumers from coast to coast watch closely to see what’s trending and happening on the west coast. Summer has arrived, and the desire to socialize with friends and family is high, thanks to a year spent socially isolated. Your backyard is the ideal setting for entertaining or simply having a buddy over for a glass of wine or a refreshing beverage.

So, if you’re looking to improve your outdoor environment in Socal, now is the time to fix it up for all those summer barbecues, parties, and other celebrations that have been greatly missed since the pandemic began.

Of course, a magazine-worthy backyard and pool design would be ideal. However, getting even the simplest backyard ready for summer doesn’t have to be an enormous financial undertaking. There are various tactics you may use to give your yard a fresh look, depending on your budget and how elaborate you want your outdoor setting to be.

Here are six suggestions for your backyard hideaway from some Southern California designers, ranging from minimum maintenance to more of an investmentThink of your backyard as an extension of your home.

Socal Outdoor Living Trends That Are Hot This Year

1. Create a space for a party — or just some quality time with friends and family — outside.

Keep things basic and make sure all areas are swept and clean. Outdoor lighting or candle clusters can help to create a welcoming atmosphere. Do you want to be a little more ambitious? Put a new coat of paint on the walls or start a vegetable garden. For folks who have smaller sites, there are all kinds of container gardens that add a new degree of fun and personalization.

Southern California Outdoor Living Design Trends

2. Everyone enjoys games in the backyard

Are you up for a little friendly competition with friends and neighbors? If you don’t have any games, go out and get some. We’ve started seeing clients putting sports courts in their backyard. Horseshoe pits, bocce ball areas, and other activities that the whole family may enjoy. From corn hole to ladder golf, several companies, such as Pottery Barn, sell a variety of lawn activities. Alternatively, simply take out the sidewalk chalk and draw your own games and areas.

3. Incorporate a splash of color

Color can alter the mood of a room and is simple to adjust. Purchase some outside pillows to use as seating. Spray paint one piece of furniture in the color of your choice. Colorful candles or pottery might be added to the mix.

Traditional Talavera ceramics have been in high demand during the pandemic. These vibrant pieces are a blend of Italian, Spanish, and indigenous pottery methods from Spain’s Talavera de la Reina region. A lot of individuals on a tight budget buy a bunch of pots to make pot clusters and purchase bird baths for their gardens. We are seeing this more and more throughout Southern California.

4. Curtains arent just for inside the home anymore.

Providing solitude with outside curtains and draperies is a recent trend for high-end remodeling. You can buy prefabricated curtain panels and hang soft panels outside if you have an outdoor structure that gives your outdoor living space a cabana vibe and is a great way to finish it off without breaking the bank. Drapery also provides a measure of privacy. Consider draping linens from a gazebo or porch.

5. Create a lovely tabletop for a little space.

A welcoming tabletop can make all the difference whether you only have a side porch or a small section of yard. This may include candles, greenery, and a beautiful outdoor melamine dish set instead of paper plates. Succulents work well since they’re hardy, add some foliage, and provide a focal point. You can make a big difference in your Southern California outdoor living environment without spending a lot of money.

6. A few plants definitely add a little something

It’s time to acquire some plants if you don’t already have any in your home. Potted plants are a wonderful way to add a splash of color and a sense of freshness to any room. Do you enjoy the smell of fresh flowers? According to Landis, cutting gardens are becoming more popular. A cutting garden is a tiny area off to the side of a place that is usually hidden from view, with the goal of growing flowers that can be cut at any time. When you invest in landscaping, you usually don’t want to cut, but that’s exactly what a cutting garden is for. It’s a way of always obtaining fresh flowers. Growing natural wild grasses is another notion homeowners in Southern California enjoy. They add height and texture, are simple to care for, and can be utilized to add a layer of privacy or conceal an unattractive object.

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