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The Best Outdoor Home Designs 2022

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Currently, there is a broad spectrum of outdoor home designs from which you can choose. Before settling for a particular outdoor home design, conduct thorough research online. Alternatively, ask a professional home designer to recommend the best outdoor home designs for you. Moreover, evaluate all your requirements before settling for a particular design. In this article, we look at some of the most common outdoor designs you can use for your home.

Cottage Style

Do you have limited space? This home design is ideal for individuals with small properties. As the name suggests, the home’s design resembles a cottage. Despite its small size, contractors use light colors to paint the exterior. As a result, the house appears larger than it already is. The cottage-style home design also features a sunroom that allows light to penetrate the house. On top of that, the cottage-style design is remarkably beautiful.

A Regal Painted Lady

Back in the day, contractors used bold colors to highlight a home’s features. You can still use this technique to show off all the important features of a home. Consider using dark or subtle colors to do this. Burgundy and light green are a common combination if you plan to incorporate this home design. This design is also ideal for Victorian-style homes.

Wrap Around Style

This home features a beautiful porch area that encompasses the front of the home. This not only creates more lounge space, but it also enhances the aesthetics of the house. More often than not, contractors use a contrasting color to paint the porch area. For instance, if the house walls have a dark color, white is perfect for the patio sidings.

Naturally Beautiful Style

Another outdoor home design incorporates unique sidings. Instead, use shingles as your siding. Shingles spice up the exterior of the house, especially when they have a contrasting color. Also, they highlight the sides of the house and make it look bigger. Ultimately, modern shingles lend an elegant look to your house.

The Sum of the Parts

Some homes often look like they are made up of a sum of different small houses. Contractors combine small houses to create a classic touch to your outdoor space. This design is more common in older homes that have undergone renovations. This design also incorporates shingles as the siding to highlight its unique shape.

Multi-Level View

Consider incorporating this design if you are building a house in a hilly area. The multi-level view design has to blend in with the hilly landscapes. It has architectural panels and planks to highlight its clean lines and height. This design is functional as it enables you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Mix and Match Facades

The mix and match facades of this outdoor home design feature a combination of different materials and sidings. This design uses fiber cement and brick to create a unique home design. It also features fiber cement shingles that highlight the height of the house.

Chateau Style

Are you planning to build a home in a rural setting? The chateau outdoor home design is ideal for such surroundings. The design features a rich brown stain to bring a classic touch to the home’s exterior MMCrypto. It also has cedar planks and shingles to highlight its unique design. The design incorporates a lot of woodwork, making it perfect for a getaway or rural setting.

Top and Bottom Style

This design has different sidings at the bottom and the top. This allows individuals to differentiate between the levels of the home. More often than not, the design features a board-and-batten siding at the top and a horizontal lap siding at the bottom. This creates a beautiful contrast that adds a whole new charm to the home’s exterior.

Factors to consider when choosing an outdoor home design

Before settling for a particular outdoor home design, you need to consider several factors. Some include:

Your budget:

Needless to say, you need to evaluate your budget before settling for one outdoor home design. Remember, different home designs incorporate different costs. The more complex the design, the higher the cost. So, always look for home designs that match your budget.

Your location:

Some locations don’t accommodate certain outdoor home designs. Thus, it is essential for homeowners to evaluate their location before settling for a particular pool design. Additionally, ensure your home’s design blends with the surrounding landscape.

The bottom line

It is clear that there is a wide range of outdoor home designs. If you are looking for outdoor home design ideas, feel free to contact us. At Dream 2 Design, we have expert home designers and experts who help you settle on the best outdoor home designs that match your requirements.

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