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The Complete Homeowners Guide to Pool Renovations

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After several years of use, swimming pools are prone to damage. As a result, pool owners have to conduct certain pool renovations in the long run. The type of pool renovation you need depends on the condition of the pool. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a reputable pool contractor to analyze all the issues in your pool. From there, they will proceed with the renovation.

What should you expect when renovating your pool?

If you plan to renovate your pool, you need to look for dependable pool contractors who have experience conducting pool renovations. One of the best companies you can hire for your pool renovations is Dream 2 Design. We have pool renovation experts who focus on meeting all your requirements. Regardless of the pool contractor you hire, here is what to expect during the pool renovation process.

Draining the Pool:

More often than not, your pool contractor starts by emptying the pool. They do this using a submersible pump. Draining the pool using this equipment takes approximately 6 to 12 hours; it depends on the size of your pool. You’ll know that the pool is empty when the pump makes a slurping sound.

Chipping Out:

Old pools often need resurfacing. Thus, your contractor will proceed to chip out the existing finish material to create room for a new one. During this step, you’ll hear a lot of noise. After chipping the pool, contractors proceed to clean the pool. It takes approximately 12 hours to complete this process.


After chipping the pool surface, continue with tiling. You can pick your preferred type of tile for your pool. Before installing the tiles, contractors apply grout on the surface, then, later on, fix the tiles. You can use glass or mosaic tiles since they offer remarkable aesthetics. It takes one to two days to complete this process. The bigger the pool, the longer your contractors will take to complete the tiling.

Cracks & Lines

At times, you may have to deal with pool cracks. Pool cracks can be either surface or structural. Structural cracks penetrate deep into the pool shell, while surface cracks are more minor. Always repair pool cracks immediately to prevent them from widening. Fortunately, there is a broad spectrum of techniques for fixing pool cracks. Some involve using staples, while some involve using epoxy. Regardless of the method you choose, ensure you repair the crack properly to avoid damaging the structure of the pool.

Other repairs

Before pool contractors proceed with pool repairs, they carefully examine the pool. From there, they identify all the issues affecting the pool and come up with a plan on how to fix them. At times, pool owners may want aesthetic pool renovations like adding water features or expanding the pool size. Here at Dream 2 Design, our contractors are extensively experienced in conducting a wide range of pool renovations.

What happens after pool renovation?

Filling the pool with water

Once contractors finish conducting all pool renovations, they start filling the pool. However, before this, they have to leave the pool for a few days to dry. When adding water to the pool, consider going onsite to witness the entire process. The pool water level should be halfway up the skimmer opening. Avoid switching off the water flow until the pool is full. Otherwise, your pool will develop waterlines. Adding water to your pool takes approximately 12 to 48 hours; it depends on your speed and the size of the pool.

Chemical Startup:

After the swimming pool is full, work on the water chemistry. Ensure all the chemicals in the pool are balanced. Test the PH and chlorine levels of your pool. Then, adjust them accordingly. Your pool should have a neutral pH for safety reasons. If your pool pH is high, use muriatic acid to balance the pH. On the flip side, if your pool’s pH is low, add sodium bicarbonate to increase it.

Pool Maintenance Advice and Tips

Schedule for weekly/biweekly/monthly maintenance

As a pool owner, you need to take good care of your pool at all times. Sometimes, this can be hard, especially if you have a tight schedule, so consider hiring a pool professional to keep your pool in good shape. You can schedule weekly or biweekly maintenance. This way, you won’t have to worry about the hassles involved in pool maintenance. Nevertheless, note that you will have to pay an extra fee for pool maintenance.


Are you looking for pool renovation services? Dream 2 Design has got you covered. We are the number one pool renovation company in the United States. Thus, we offer a wide range of pool renovation services. We conduct quality repairs and replacements on your pool. Also, we upgrade pools to transform outdoor spaces. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you need pool renovation


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